Kenneth Shores has been honored to be choosen as

2017 Professional of the Year in Strathmore's WHO'S WHO Worldwide Edition   Page 203       Published 2018

Endorsed "Is There A God?  How Do You Know?"  &  Adventurious Life Worth Living

I have known Ken Shores for more than three decades.  I pray that this book will be a blessing to you.

Is There a God? How Do You Know?  is a touching reflection of its author Ken Shores.  Ken has lived a life of multi-paths that have included  everything from military service to the corporate world to humanitarianism.  Through all of the facets of his life, his​ triumphs and tragedies, I have never known his faith to waiver.  He elopuently revals this in his book, which is by far one of the greatest testimonials I have ever read

I am excited about Kenneth Shores's 3rd Edition, Is There A God? How Do You Know?  Everyone who wants to be assured of the reality and love of God should read this wonderful volume

Mary Jean Eisenhower

President  Eisenhower granddaughter

Dr, Robert Jeffress, Senior Pastor;

First Baptist Church Dallas

Steve Stroope, Pastor Lake Pointe Church, Rockwall, Texas

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