It is an honor to dedicate this book first to God. Words are inadequate to express my thanks to Him, my loving and compassionate God. Next, to all the people I have had the pleasure to meet in my lifetime and to all who contributed to this book. To my sister,
Alice, who devoted many hours working with me to make this book what it is now and also took the responsibility as my publisher.   To Pastor Steve Stroope, my pastor for over 32 years and friend who was alway there when my family and I needed him.  To Mary Eisenhower, a true friend I met at People to People International in 1996 while serving on the Board of Directors, she will always have a special place in my heart. To two Christian
friends who are like brothers to me, William Markins, and Patrick Meadows—we not only worked together, but they always stood by me through much of my life. To Judy Moore, a good Christian friend that inspired me with her excellent musical arrangements using her God-given talent playing the piano. To my parents who are with the Lord, for instilling the Love of God in me with their devotion to Him. To My two aunts Lois, Betty and uncle Denton who helped raise me.  To Dr. Robert Jeffress, Pastor of First Dallas Baptist Church who is my current pastor and a Godly man who is not only an inspiration, but he is a ibleTeacher to me and many others. He had the fortitude to stand up for God to return our country to ‘One Nation Under God.’  To Marge who gave me more than 51 years of joy, stood by me
through thick and thin, and to our six wonderful daughters. To Susan, my greatest friend, partner, companion, and wonderful wife who responded to God when He orchestrated our marriage.


 “Is There a God? How Do You Know?” is a touching reflection of its author, Ken Shores. Ken has lived a life of multi-paths that have included everything from military service to the corporate world to humanitarianism.  Through all of the facets of his life, his triumphs and tragedies, I have never known his faith to waiver. He eloquently reveals this in his book, which is by far one of the greatest testimonials I have ever read.  --- Mary Jean Eisenhower
Kansas City, MO, USA


I have known Ken Shores for more than three decades. I pray that his book will be a blessing to you.”  --- Steve Stroope, Lead Pastor  Lake Pointe Church, Rockwall, TX


I am excited about Kenneth Shores’ new book Is There A God? How Do You Know? Everyone who wants to be assured of the reality and love of God should read this wonderful volume.

--- Dr. Robert Jeffress, Pastor  First Baptist Church, Dallas, TX

It was an easy read. I loved that Ken took us through his personal journey from ‘not sure if he could trust God to being awed by God’s goodness in his life.’ His experiences are ones that we can relate to because we have all been there at the place where we question where God is or if He is real. His experience in church is a testimony to God’s word–that it doesn’t come back void. As he recalls the time when God showed up big in his life like the ‘no traffic’ is so typical of what God can do so we can give Him all the Glory. By far, the best story was one of the saddest, when his wife passed away. He had at this point matured and grown in the Lord and could rest in Him to get him through those days on the ship without his first mate, his wife. I love how he explained her passing in such a way that almost seemed behind the scene of what God did all through that trip.

--- Esther Archut  Colorado Springs, CO


My dear friend and mentor, Kenneth Shores, has assembled herein, a true-to-life perspective of God as our friend, constant companion, and Heavenly Parent/Father. Ken demonstrates how, despite the challenges of earthly life, God never fails: ever watchful, ever Loving, ever real.

--- Mark McCord  Branson, MO

I arrived home one evening mentally and physically exhausted, and to my surprise, there was a preview book in my mailbox. I sat down with the book, "Is There a God? Is He Real? and I didn't stop reading until I had finished the book. I felt God had sent this to my doorstop just when I needed it. This year has been very stressful with a series of struggles, and I had just decided I couldn't do anymore and needed to turn my problems over to God. My struggles have continued over the last few months, and when I spot the book on the coffee table, I pick it up and don't stop reading until I have finished it again. This is an outstanding collection of inspiring stories and has been a great
comfort to me.

--- Norma Schmatt  Cedar Rapids, IA


As an editor and award-winning author, I have never been more excited to offer the collection of stories my brother lived. He is eleven years older than I am, and I never knew the struggles he faced almost on a daily basis. We both grew up in the same home, but because of the years separating us, I didn’t get the honor of knowing what a great brother I had until I began working on his story. God was instrumental in putting all of the right parts into place to produce what I hope is an
inspiration to everyone who reads it. I know it has inspired me in ways I had not anticipated, and I thank God for such a wonderful, loving big brother.

--- Alice Scott, Editor, Award-winning Author, CEO Blue River Publishing, Inc., Colorado Springs, CO

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