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Miracle of Faith

I save this miracle for the end of the book. Once you read in the book, how God moved in a mighty way, it is my prayer that you will understand why I call this my strongest convincing proof that God is real.

Probate had finally cleared everything that had belonged to Marge, and I was finally able to advertise her car for sale. A lady who looked like she was in her thirties came to look at the vehicle. After I started to show her the car, she told me how much she needed a car and as she continued on about some other problems, tears appeared from her eyes. Then she asked about my wife. I told her my wife had gone to be with the Lord, but God took a tragedy and made it into a miracle which I refer to as the Miracle of Faith. She asked me to explain, and I told her the story. As I continued, she began to cry. After I finished, she wrapped her arms around me and thanked me for giving her faith to continue living. She told me she came to look at a car, but didn’t care about living any longer. Now she had the faith and strength to go forward with her life. I offered her a copy of the I letter sent to Carnival Cruises, and she gladly accepted it. After several hugs and kisses on the cheeks, she left with a smile on her face, not even thinking about the car. What a great feeling it gave me to know that Marge still lived on through the Miracle of Faith.

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